2018 Egypt Sacred Tour Quantum Awakening!

Egypt Manual 2018 Coverpage



Sacred Tour’s Intentions

To Be the Source of Your Own Power!
To recognise that though we are individuals, but are intrinsically connected!
To release that which no longer serves us, to invite that is aligned to our highest potential!
To raise our consciousness and live as our Quantum Self!
To explore our journey of transformation from a “Cell” to a “Super-Cell”!
Experience the power of healing through diverse modalities!


Photography by Nasser Osman

2018 marks the 10th year since my first visit in 2008 to Egypt! I was inspired through channeling by my guide Hermes Trismegistus in 2008, suggesting to lead a group of people for a transformational journey to the land of the pyramids.

This year marks my 4th visit, 4 is the sacred number for foundation and time. In many ways, 2018 is a very significant year as Saturn is now home in Capricorn sign, we are laying new foundations, rebuilding blueprint and charting new courses ahead! What a powerful alignment to enter the Great Pyramid on 11th Nov 2018, 11:11:11 where the stargate through collective consciousness opens to allow very high frequencies from the million of stars in the Milky Way to shower through into our light bodies and cells.

Do you know that each repeated visits to the same power spots are never the same? With each integration after traveling, our energy bodies open up new octaves of possibilities to raise our consciousness further; personal development requires consistency to maintain high quality of light within us. That is why you see me leading sacred tours back to these powerful places again and again! Egypt is one such power place!

We will travel to various temples to receive our “tune-ups”, we will tone, sing and connect with the Universe using the entire Great Pyramid as an Energy Generator to raise our consciousness!

Anyone who is looking for an acceleration in their Spiritual Awakening, interested in Quantum Healing, Sacred Geometries, Star Beings and to learn about connect with your Divine Self - True Self will definitely at some point of your life visit Egypt as one of the power spots.

All the Great Masters of the past have had either direct or indirect connections with the Pyramids and Sacred Temples of this powerful land. The Nile River is in alignment with the Milky Way and echoes the voices of the stars to those who sail along the river. Our cosmic roots are deeply connected with this mystical land and may our cosmic memories be awakened to our Quantum Self!


The Earth Song of the Golden Age

“When all sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this planet…The Earth Song shall once again emerge, through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands…The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great ~ The Earth Song of the Golden Age

This unimaginable song, all mighty filled with love and wisdom shall create rainbow bridges across time and space, celebrating galactic unity consciousness as a declaration that human beings, visitors of planet earth shall now welcome, and is ready to experience ‘The Unified Field’ through conscious living and awakening."

Hermes Trismegistus through Yantara Jiro

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