The Giza Pyramids

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The Great Central Sun of Unification

A Spiritual Transformation Awakening

Empowered by THE ALL


Cairo / Giza / Pyramids / Sakkara / Aswan / Luxor



The Deluxe “The Sonesta Nile cruise” 

October 31st – November 12th, 2008  


A message from jiro…

“The ALL is MIND; The Universe is Mental”
The Kybalion

The Masters of Egypt understood this principle and all other principles of the Hermetic Laws, - “Nothing rests; everything moves; everything vibrates”. All are merely manifestations of Matter, Energy, Mind, and even Spirit, result largely from varying rates of vibrations.

The Great Pyramid was erected by the Ancient Great Masters with Hermes Trismegistus, or Thoth the Atlantean along with Planetary Masters who came from Venus and many other Mansions of Source. Crystallized energies into a physical Geometrical form which represents the light vehicle of consciousness and Creation. This sacred alchemy chamber continues to serve as an antenna to bridge multi-dimensional interactions and spiritual transformations.

I am guided by Hermes – an emanation of Cosmic Flame to prepare ready souls to awaken their divine blueprint during a stargate alignment 11:11 2008 (11110010). This binary code awakening will bring us to a harmonizing grid, which seeks to expand us into a Greater Light of awareness and empowerment into the 5th -6th Dimensional field.

Empowered by Spirit, the Christed-Extraterrestrial Galactic beings and various Councils of Light and Illumined Masters: Embrace, be open and awaken to your Divine Self.

Journey with us
The Great Pyramid 2008
The Great Central Sun of Unification


Dearest Angels,

In May 2006, Hermes (Thoth) delivered a lecture and said that pyramidal structures are all within us. He says that we have millions upon millions infinite pyramids in our cells, brains, and basically every part of us.

He says that each point of the pyramid represents a dimension, and the four points which when converge to the fifth, connects us to the 5th dimension and beyond.

I believe there is a connection within all of us; some call it intuition, some love. We called out for each other, in this sea of sound. And as a whole, when we unite, we will dance like the stars.

Hermes’ famous axiom, “As Above, So Below. As Below, So Above”, illustrates that while pyramids are all within us, pyramids are all around us. We are an intricate mirror design sculptured into the human body.

How are we related to all of these? Egypt? He reminds us that the Great Pyramid stands alone and does not belong solely Egypt. No clouds belong to anyone, country or race. It simply is.

Even though I am unable to validate the information from this being - Hermes (Thoth), it has proven in my own experience the wisdom of his words flowering my path through these years.

When I let go of my reasoning chattering mind, and listen attentively, I hear the echoes from the Universe playing its celestial tunes humming peacefully between the bodies of the planets that inhabits in this Galaxy.

2008, when we place the numeric sequence of 1 and 0 together, we get “f”: A unified whole with a stroke of beginning and end in this infinite cycle of creation.

While we travel through different temples in Egypt, be reminded that when we work with beautiful beings of light, Gods and Goddesses, we are essentially connecting to the infinite space within us – the Planetariums and Celestial Bodies of Energies, the magnetic and electro forces within our cells and atoms. We open our pores, our mind and heart to breathe this awareness into the core of our beingness and enjoy each moment as a human being in this unified experience of completion.

We also trust the Universe when the dynamics of the group brings us to new heights and depths of fun and pleasure while supporting each other as friends and family.

There are going to be so much fun and laughter as we walk through the path of ancient cultures in the modern context of hats, sunglasses, lotions and t-shirts. While we replace the candles to torchlight, cruising the Nile in luxurious rooms and comfort, play the drums with CDs and chant “I Am Love”, expect nothing less of the energies that will be anchoring through us!

11:11, a beautiful stargate activation beaming our way, right into the Core of the PYRAMID! The fifth ‘1’ is us, the individual beam of light standing as columns within the pyramid forming the Apex expanding our consciousness into the Cosmos.

This structure is a huge tuning fork, vibrating the sound of our voices between the walls until it releases through the Apex straight into the Galaxy. Let’s just say we have made an exclusive appointment for a Cosmic-conferencing on 11:11, along with the Councils of Light and Angels and all those beings of light and love to celebrate this communion.

You are invited, beloved angels.


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