Join us for a week long adventure to the largest, most accurately aligned and oldest pyramids in the world! Celebrate the summer solstice from the top of the Pyramid of the Sun.  Feel the energetic stillness and presence of the healing tunnels – the underground network and energy generator of the pyramids.  Experience the alignment of your soul to the sacred geometries of the universe.  Activate the ancient wisdom within you and reconnect with the stars.  Join Yantara Jiro and Clare Russell for a transformational and expansive week.  Come to know the infinite potential that resides in you through joy!

“When all pyramids and sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this plane, the Earth Song shall once again emerge.  Through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands. The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great

~ The Earth Song of the Golden Age. Hermes Trismegistus Through Yantara





Destinations: Bosnian Pyramids site in Visoko, including Pyramid of the Sun and Moon, the healing tunnels & the Vratnica Tumulus.  Summer Solstice celebration on the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun.   Zavidovici park and the stone spheres, National Park Tajan caves and lakes,  cultural excursions to Sarajevo and Kraljeva Sutjeska and its franciscan monastery and castle.   

Facilitators:  Yantara Jiro, Clare Russell, Dr S Osmanagich

Day by day Itinerary 

June 16th:  Participants fly into Sarajevo on June 16th.  You will be picked up and transferred to our 4* Star Hotel Hollywood, located conveniently between the Pyramid sites and Sarajevo & situated next to a beautiful national park.   We will gather in the evening for a beautiful group meal in Sarajevo old town, get to know each other and celebrate the start of sacred journey. 

Hollywood-hotel-Bosnia-150x150 Hoolywood-hotel-pool-150x150 Hotel-Hollywood-bosnia4-150x150

June 17th:  Meeting together in the morning, Yantara and Clare will welcome the group and explore with you the inner journey of our sacred tour.  After a lovely lunch, we will depart for Visoko and the Bosnian pyramids site.   We will visit the archeological dig site of the Pyramid of the Moon and  Vratnica Tumulus (a sacred mound similar to Silbury hill in the UK) where we will mediate at the apex, enjoying the last rays of sunlight falling into the Pyramid valley onto this sacred mound and healing chamber.  Returning to the hotel. Free time for the evening.


Sunset meditation at the Vratnica Tumulus

June 18th: Stone Spheres mediation and Park Tajan Caves & Lake. After a relaxed breakfast we take our private bus to the Stone Spheres of Zavidovici.  These mysterious spheres have many legends surrounding their origin, some say they are carved from larger rocks, others say their came from the stars and speak of them as ‘dragon balls or eggs’ indicating the energetic qualities of these spheres.  Indeed, archeologists and historians have shown it likely these balls have been used for spiritual purposes through the ages as they radiate a magnetized current that brings the quality of stillness to consciousness.  Here Yantara and Clare will lead the group to connect with the spheres through mediation. 

After lunch in the local town, we will head to the nearby national Park Tajan, a paradise of nature, with sacred lakes and caves.  Connecting with water and earth elements we will integrate our experiences of the pyramid site and stone spheres.  Free time in the evening.

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June 19th: Dr Sam Osmanagic leads  a tour of key pyramid sites Dr Sam Osmanagic – author of 10 books, worldwide pyramid expert and discoverer of Bosnian pyramids.  Dr Osmanagich discovered and brought to light these European pyramids and has been at the head of research to show that the pyramids and associated sites are 12,000-30,000 years old. His research has also included much work in showing how the pyramids are generating pure positive energy and their alignment to the stars.   He will be sharing his expertise with us and guiding us on our visits to key sites. This includes key highlights such as:

P1010157-150x150 02_Bosnian_pyramids_010_sun_concrete1-150x150 P1010150-150x150

Guided tour of the Pyramid of the Sun: 

Dr Sam will take us to the archeological sites on the pyramid of the sun, visiting the northern face of the pyramid, where there has been excavation of the the concrete blocks face of the pyramid.  We will also climb up to the ‘healing stone’ of the northern face for meditation.

Labyrinth Healing Tunnels Archeological Dig

After lunch, Dr Sam will guide us  into the pyramid complex tunnels where large large ceramic megaliths (made between 6000-32,000 years ago) have been uncovered.  At 20 times the level of negative Ions discovered in the tunnels water sources, you will experience the purity of the air and the vortex energies created in the tunnels.  The water and air here is considered valuable in healing and generating positive energy.  It is thought that, similar to the tunnel systems under the Giza plateau, these tunnels are the ‘generator’ for the laser of energy coming from the apex of the pyramid of the Sun.  After our tour of the tunnels you will leave feeling energised, refreshed and feeling of deep positivity. Returning to the hotel , free time in the evening.

P1010136-150x150 P10101081-150x150

June 20th:  Private meditation in the Pyramid Tunnels, visiting the Temple of Heaven

Meditations, workshops and celebration! Everyday Yantara & Clare will be leading you in meditations and workshops in the joyful, high energy of the Bosnian pyramids. There is nothing quite like the joyfulness that spills out of us here- a perfect place to connect and align yourself for the 2nd half of 2012 and until the next summer solstice.


Today we have the great joy of privately meditating in the tunnels at the key energetic convergency point of the largest ceramic megalith.  Yantara will lead us in exquisite sound mediations, working with these tunnels as resonance chambers of light.  Be ready for an abundance of insight, joy and soulful expansion!

Meditating in the tunnels, we are connecting deeply with the entire pyramid site that is physically and energetically linked through underground tunnel systems.  We go deeper into the multi-dimensional vortex of the Bosnian pyramids, in preparation for the summer solstice alignment.

This afternoon we will also visit the Temple of Heaven, another of the primary pyramids discovered at the site, here through mediation we will move into a deep space of connection with the positive energy generations and galactic portal of the Bosnian pyramids. Free time in the evening

June 21st:  Summer solstice at the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun. The Pyramid of the Sun, like the pyramids in Giza Plateau, Mexico and other locations, is aligned to the cardinal points of the Earth.  The North side of the pyramids is aligned to the stellar north (north star) with exceptional accuracy, (actually to an even greater degree that the Giza pyramids due to an earthquake that happened in Egypt).  Meditating on the apex of the Pyramid of the Sun on the Summer solstice is a special time to honor the sun within and without. 

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During the day, Yantara and Clare will be leading the group in feeling their purpose and alignment with this key co-ordinate, ready for a joyful celebration of the harmonies of light, radiating from us, the pyramid of the sun and all sacred sites across the planet.  We will arrive back to the hotel later in the evening.  A packed dinner will be provided for our summer solstice celebration. 

June 22nd: Integration day, relaxing visit to beautiful village of Kraljeva Sutjeska.  With a later start in the morning, we will travel to a nearby atmospheric village, allowing us to absorb and reflect on our inner journey.  As you visit the franciscan monastery and castle, we will share as a group our experiences over the last week.

Kraljeva-Sutjeska2-150x150 Cultural-trip-bosnia-1-150x120 Kraljeva-Sutjeska-Bosnia-150x150

Evening: group gathering for celebration and delicious food.  We look forward to you joining us for this special sacred journey


Energy Work Included in this tour but not limited to are:

Light Language Activations
Super-Spiritual Antennas Fine-Tuning
Pyramidal Understanding and Benefits
Unifying Separations Empowering Transformations
Interactive & Cohesive Heart Meditation
Ley-Lines & Earth Grids
Envisioning & Creating New Stories ~ New Life
Channeling Sessions with Hermes Trismegistus & Guides
Living Beautifully from the inside-out
Power of Sounds and Mantras

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