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Travel Period
30 Nov - 13 Dec 2014
13 - 16 Dec 2014 Desert Extension!

Dearest Radiant Beautiful One!

Welcome to wholesome journey where your heart merges with the light within, the stars above and the temples of cosmic voices. This beautiful tour is a gathering of sharing love, wisdom and joy. Every person on the tour is a radiant friend on an adventure of self-exploration. As we join our hearts as One touring the ancient temples, river nile and pyramids, deep transformations, healing and inner realizations will spontaneously occur.

Through sound activation workshops and meditations at sacred sites, we will connect through the stargates located at these vortexes to align our energy bodies to greater light, download star energetic codes and cosmic mandalas for new positive growth and spiritual advancement.

We are vibrational beings capable of influencing our cellular matrix and energy bodies to allow well-being to take place at all levels. The ancient temples along the river nile resonates with our chakras; Functioning like a gigantic tuning fork, these vortexes act like a catalyst triggering release of our potentials bringing us to greater heights of expression in this physical form and beyond.

As we open our hearts and feel the possibility grow within us, the light within shall emerge and radiate vibrantly into our lives. As we open our eyes to new things and new perspectives, we are affecting our realities in ways beyond imagination.


2014 is a beautiful year of spiritual transformation. Those who are seeking to ground their holistic spiritual beliefs into physicality and practicality will find this year rewarding and promising.

More and more energy vortexes are being discovered and re-visited to assist each individual to tune-in to their highest potential. This natural attraction that is felt in the heart sings the song of awakening, faith and trust.

As you choose courage over fear, love over hate; Your heart shall open you to Source energy. Abundance shall flow through you, pain and sorrow shall be liberated from your life, words of encouragement and empowerment shall saturate your life.

Bridging you to a whole new level of positive energy!

Be You!




“When all sacred monuments are unearthed, tuned and sung by the new light beings of this planet…The Earth Song shall once again emerge, through the heavens everyone shall hear the celestial musical spheres and its chorus across all lands…The Holographic Grid of this planet and all living consciousness shall stand tall and bright, liken to a brilliant column of infinite light blazing magnificently like a sun performing the greatest of the great ~ 
The Earth Song of the Golden Age


This unimaginable song, all mighty filled with love and wisdom shall create rainbow bridges across time and space, celebrating galactic unity consciousness as a declaration that human beings, visitors of planet earth now welcome, and is ready to experience ‘The Unified Field’ through conscious living and awakening."

Hermes Trismegistus through Yantara Jiro

Thank you for passing on the message to your group!



~ 5-Star Farah Nile Cruise 
~ Nubian Market ~
Aswan, Felucca Ride
Horus Temple & Luxor
Temple of Karnak (RA)
Lightbodies Activation Workshops
Sound Work, Toning & Chakras
and more!


Isis Temple
2 x Great Pyramid
Sphinx between the paws
Sakkara Step Pyramid
Hathor Temple Meditation
Sekhmet Chapel Initiation


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