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Sedona / Grand Canyon / Antelope Canyon / Monument Valley / Light City 

Sirius Star Workshop & Energy Activations Oct 10 - Oct 18 2017
9 Days 8 Nights Transformational Journey

FROM: 1 JULY: $6350USD 

Exploration, Tuning, Nurture, Courage, Envisioning the Future, Communing with Source, Soul Awakening, New Lightbody, Physical Well-Being, Inspirations, Angels Guidance, Wellness and Flow, Sound and Light Activations, Quantum Healing, Star Sirius, Councils of Light, DNA Activation, Earth Codings , Joy and Satisfaction, Success and Transformation, Uplift, Quantum Leaps and Light City!



New Messages

Arizona's Sacred Vortexes Call: Spiritual Tour with Yantara Jiro

Sirius Star Workshop & Energy Activations Sept 30 - Oct 8 20179 Days 8 Nights Transformational Journey

I am now in Glastonbury, England and have just received this new message from Source.

sanat kumara2 hermestrismegistus1

          Sanat Kumara                      Hermes Trismegistus

As guided by Master Hermes and Ascended Masters such as Sanat Kumara and the Star Nation beings, the Vortexes and Light Cities of Arizona is calling us to gather and be part of a powerful series of cosmic activation ceremonies. This activation series will support the upgrades of the Root, Heart and Crown chakras. New Light Body activations will also take place as we download the solar light codes from the Great Central Sun - Star Sirius. This sacred journey leads us to Bell Rock vortex in SEDONA to connect with Master Sanat Kumara  where we will be blessed on the heart chakra and healing from the Crystals of the Earth.


                                                  Cathedral Rock Vortex

We will also visit the Cathedral Rock Vortex to access the Star Nation Portals for DNAs light infusion activation work. The portals open up the potentials within us to be of greater light and love.

Naga01-Grand Canyon

              Naga Gods                                     Grand Canyon (Earth Codings)

We will then travel to the Grand Canyon tour to work with our Root Chakra and the Ancient Serpents (Nagas). They gift us with beautiful earth and star codings that illuminates the light bodies and unifies separation consciousness. New Soul Mandalas shall emerge to communicate with our subconscious mind, transforming dissonant belief systems into higher perspectives of thinking.

Monument Valley

 Light City, Monument Valley

We will finally travel to Monument Valley to soul work with the Light City of Arizona. The new codes of our Unified Self shall be received during that time. Deep physical, emotional and mental healing could take place while visiting this sacred land. Light Languages will be brought forth for final energetic activations as we would have already prepared ourselves through the journey from Sedona traveling up North towards Monument Valley.

heavenly city

Light City

This Soul Journey work is exceptionally suitable for energy healers, spiritual teachers, artists, sound healers and evolutionary leaders of the new consciousness. It empowers and encourages us to bring our lower Ego with our Soul, and progress to unify with the Supreme Consciousness by the help of the Ascended Masters and Star Nation Beings.

Spiritual Awakening

While we are doing our service of light, we need to take time for our own growth and development, to receive upgrades and empowerments so as to enhance and simplify our work processes. New skills and energy abilities shall naturally emerge as we receive the new mandalas and sound codings. Our past life spiritual gifts and abilities will too be awakened. Often being drawn to visit power vortexes is a sign of awakening of our innate powers. The vortexes serve as a catalyst - a trigger activation to ignite the spark of light in us.

Central Sun Connect

There will also be in Sedona two amazing full day workshops for us to receive blessings, messages and empowerments from Star Sirius, Star Nations and Ascended Masters. These activations will prepare us for upcoming journeys up North.

See you at the land of healing-transformational vortexes and sacred light cities. Feel the call to receive and attend the cosmic activation and empowerment ceremonies!

Yantara Jiro

~The Light City Welcomes You!~

Journey into the heart to one of the most beautiful places on Earth! Experience in-person the powerful vortexes of the Sacred Red Rocks. Sedona is surrounded by 1.8 million acres of national forest land. Regarded by Native Americans as sacred, people has been visiting these well-known healing vortexes for a very long time and so many has repeatedly report transformative changes to their physical body and heightening of consciousness! It is said the ones who visit Sedona is an invitation by the sacred land itself!

sedona citylight

We will be visiting several powerful vortexes within Sedona, and especially the Bell Rock and Cathedral Rock that aligns to the Key Ley Lines of the Earth, and Great Central Sun. Ascended Masters and Holy Shamans of this Ancient Land still resides within the etheric plane and they will be transmitting to us the Solar Discs and Light Codes. These work on our light bodies and vital body which upgrades the Chakras and in-turn reprogram the software of our physical body and energy bodies for greater strength and power.

Sedona Red Rocks are vibrationally connected to Shasta, Redwoods Forest, Egypt and Ayers Rock, Australia. Sacred Mandalas from the Great Central Sun, Star Sirius will be received and downloaded to promote accelerated spiritual awakening and activations in Workshops and Outdoors!


It does not take extraordinary skills to feel the vibrations of this power land. Many spiritual seekers while in Sedona receives sacred messages from their higher-selves, ascended masters, angels and especially star nation beings. It is a place to unify your Multiverse selves, star-selves and reunite with your Star Family. Deep cosmic dreams offered by the Galactic Whales and the Red and Rainbow Dolphins will be visiting us through our consciousness in deep meditation during the tour. We are being given insights and healing on all levels of our being as our consciousness permeates through the fabric of space and time.

The journey continues to the Grand Canyon and we will stay a night overseeing the magnificent canyon enjoying sunset and sunrise where the energies are the peak during these times, connecting with the Ancient Nagas who are dragon guardians of the Inner Earth.

wildcat trail monument valley

The Light City of Arizona-Utah is located at Monument Valley, majestic views of the sacred sandstone buttes where our finale to reunite with our galactic family and activations will take place! 


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