Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion), Kyoto


Yakushima Island


Kyoto /  Mt. Koya /
 Yakushima Island

A center of Shingon Buddhism.
There are over 100 temples.  

Ancient Forests, 
Unity Grid, Golden Tree 
and Cosmic Expansion

New Moon, Balance of Sun and Moon, Arcturus, Light Grids and Vortex Temple, Feminine Creation, Goddess of Birth and Creation Egg, Wormhole Stargates, New Galaxies, Solar Lightbody, Ancient Forests, Meteor Showers, Waterfall Deities, Buddha Ray, Koya Light City, Vows, Sacred Key Sound, Serpent Light, Mountain Chakras, Guardians, Inner Earth Initiations, Ancient Ones

October 18th –  28th, 2009

11 days, 10 nights


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Dearest Radiant Beings of Light,

This October as the new gate opens - beginning of this new moon, our inner male and female aspect will sync with the grids of the heavens. This journey through the temples and mountain forests of Japan goes back to the Ancient Times when the oceanic plates intersect creating foldings of rich minerals and mountains. These forests became populated with interdimensional beings from the Inner Earth as they too are creating and advancing to a higher state of consciousness. We will travel through physical and interdimensional warp zones, emerging from deep within our hearts as we open our mind aligning to a new grid interlacing to the  galactic center and universe. This is the UNITY GRID.

Kyoto has some of the most spectacular temples, we are visiting two of which connects to our masculine and feminine aspect. 

Our first Unity Grid - Sanjusangendo Temple or "Hall of the Lotus King" contains 1000 Kwan-in Statues, 28 Guardian Deities and the main Deity Avalokitesvara (Thousand-arm Kannon) - One who embodies the compassion of all Buddhas. The statues are carved from Japan Cypress trees, a native to central Japan. This wood is lemon-scented, light pinkish brown. The temple name literally means, thirty-three spaces between columns, describing the long main hall of the temple. Peace and Compassion.

Our second Unity Grid - Kinkakuji Temple or "Golden Pavilion Temple". Total 3-storey building with the top two stories covered with pure gold leaf. It houses the holy relics of the Buddha (Buddha's Ashes). Through the phoenix aligning to the wormhole Galactic Center a Golden Ray anchors into our Solar Light Body.

Our third Unity Grid - spans across Akame Waterfall Earth vessel, we will create tunnels of light welcoming the new born from the Orion Belt the Diamond Children of our future. Aligning us to the Inner Earth unfolds the Buddha Ray into the seed of life within us.

Our fourth Unity Grid brings us to Koya Mountain, the serpent tunnels. This grid is about inner wisdom and clarity. Our unification of past-present-future, quantum field, time-space reality. Our perception of Self, inner and outer of our world, people and life. This grid is about our relations between human, animals, nature, earth and universe.

Our fifth Unity Grid is a huge vortex that holds a Golden Tree in the center of the island Yakushima. Its southern Japan, 90% forest with over 40 mountains.

On this island, we will go through nature elements and ancient forest, creating pathways and working with Earth Elementals, singing to mother earth and lightship contact. The Ancient Ones that bring us to the root of our heart. It is here that we will spend the most of our nights, journeying deep into the forests, deep into the Inner Planes.

This is a journey of a Diamond Light Being, experiencing the joy and love of Mother Nature.

Love and Blessings,

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